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Book Packaging

Songteller: My Life In Lyrics

by Dolly Parton & Robert K. Oermann; Chronicle Books Art Director, Neil Egan

Redefining the look of a cultural icon for the biggest book ever published by the visual arts juggernaut Chronicle Books, Unflown was tasked with creating a timeless-yet-contemporary package for this epic retrospective of Dolly Parton's work. With lush portrait collages, classic photo treatments, and a system of page frames, Unflown defined a new look for the Dolly brand. Scope included mining archives, defining photoshoots, and sourcing a new, hand-drawn Dolly Parton wordmark from the renowned Jessica Hische.

     The book complements a Netflix special, with a deluxe edition clamshell box encasing a limited edition, hot-pink vinyl record in its own folder. This new branding was a success: Unflown has since been hired for the official Dollywood Style Guide. 

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