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HOSAco Hot Sauce

Founded by Unflown

Unflown was asked to design a label, instead we co-founded a brand that proves art and commerce are a fiery combination. Taking cues from alchemy (fermentation is the fifth process of turning dross to gold) and the world of limited edition posters, HOSA wants to make the things we live with everyday as wonderful and rare as the things we collect.

    With Michelle Schutte as Co-Owner and Operations Manager, HOSA is handmade in Bellingham, WA, and has been recognized by the Good Food Foundation, with an award presented by no less than Michael Pollan. We have successfully built partnerships with local farms to produce nearly all of our ingredients, and built relationships with local chefs to introduce our audience to new ways of using hot sauce. Along with four year-round sauces in screenprinted bottles, we produce one-off, collectible seasonal offerings and partner with artists and authors for our Artist Edition releases and zines.

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